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MEGA! Biden DHS Scheme To Spy On Trump Supporters & Label Them...

•, by Kelen McBreen

America First Legal (AFL) released Department of Homeland Security (DHS) documents on Friday obtained via the group's lawsuit with Ambassador Ric Grenell against the Biden DHS. 

The documents are internal files from the "Homeland Intelligence Experts Group," which deems military members, religious Americans and Donald Trump supporters as people who are likely to commit domestic terror attacks.

AFL founder Stephen Miller wrote on X, "We obtained internal intel docs as a result of our successful lawsuit against DHS. They reveal a shocking Biden plan to mobilize government power against Trump supporters ahead of the election."

The federal government claimed, "being in the military" or being "religious" are "indicators of extremists and terrorism," adding, "we should be worried about these" people.

Another portion of the DHS documents stated, "most of the domestic terrorism threat now comes from supporters of the former president."

These broad definitions would allow the feds to spy on over half the country under the guise of national security.

It's also worth noting the scheme would mean the far-left Biden administration was abusing the power of the government in order to track its political opposition.

Meanwhile, the nation is being invaded by military-aged men from hostile nations across the globe and the Biden administration is facilitating the illegal human trafficking network.

The documents were Part 2 of AFL's Deep State Diaries series.

Read Part 1 below:

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