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The Man From Galilee Takes Stock of the Situation

• - Walter Gelles

"You have put the planet at grave risk of annihilation.  You have thousands of nuclear weapons on hair-trigger alert in missile silos and on aircraft.  You have nuclear submarines—undetectable—roaming the seas and ready to launch.  Whether by accident, human error, or an act of stupidity, you are a hair's-breadth away from destroying all life and civilization.  Have you gone mad?" asked the Prince of Peace.

There was no reply.

"America is most to blame for this," spoke the Nazarene.  "Of course there are many bad actors, but America has the power to end the nuclear arms race and do away with nuclear weapons, but your government thwarted every overture for peace and disarmament.  America has a bigger military budget than the next nine or ten nations combined.  America has military bases and CIA bases in over 160 nations.  Your so-called United States of America is the greatest threat to peace and stability on the planet."