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Having 'Completely Lost Faith' in the System, an Appeal to Create an Independent Inspector..

•, By J.M. Phelps

Alongside hundreds of like-minded service members and veterans, an organization's plea for an independent Inspector General entity outside of the Department of Defense's influence has been released to the public for support.

On June 14, various members of Congress, Department of Defense (DOD), Veterans Affairs Administration, and other government committees and entities received an independent report that can be downloaded and shared by others to call for "the creation of a truly independent Inspector General (IG) for the Department of Defense." Over 2,000 people have signed the petition to accompany the report by Walk the Talk Foundation.

The Gateway Pundit spoke to the organization's founder, Lt. Col. Ryan Sweazey (USAF-Ret.), who says the signatories of the petition send the message that people have "completely lost faith" in the DOD office of the IG (DODIG). Sweazey shares that he is no stranger to the "impartiality" of IG investigations, as the former F-16 fighter pilot once served as IG in the Air Force where he not only witnessed, but also called attention to, various deficiencies within the DOD and IG system.

The former Air Force IG cited dozens of his clients' cases in which the military's Inspectors General "clearly sought to fulfill a forgone conclusion, [which was] likely compelled by the complainants' chains of command to not substantiate their complaints." In each case, he said, the investigators appeared to pick and choose which evidence to consider, often discounting documents and witness statements that would have corroborated the complainants' allegations. "The results of the IG's ineptitude in these cases ranged anywhere from victims' withheld promotions to members' attempted suicides," he laments.