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Silicon Valley Billionaire David Sacks Explains Tech World Support for Trump:

•, By Mike LaChance

David Sacks is the Silicon Valley billionaire who recently held a fundraiser for Donald Trump that brought in $12 million in one night.

This week he appeared on the Jesse Watters show and explained why he and other people in his orbit have thrown their support behind Trump.

To listen to David, it sounds like people in this world have completely lost faith in Biden and Kamala Harris and it's easy to see why.

Transcript via Real Clear Politics:

DAVID SACKS, 'ALL-IN' CO-HOST: I think it's getting surprisingly big, Jesse. When we agreed to do the fundraiser for President Trump the goal was just to raise $5 million and weren't even sure we would do that because as you well know, Silicon Valley is pretty much a liberal bastion. But we ended up raising $12 million.

We had over a hundred people there and it really was a total love fest. And then out in the streets, the San Francisco newspaper has been trying all week to gin up protesters and nothing really materialized at all but hundreds of people to demonstrate in favor President Trump and they were cheering all along his motorcade so if that's the enthusiasm gap in a liberal place at San Francisco, what is a tell you about the rest of the country?

WATTERS: It tells a lot and we have seen it across the country, in the bodegas, in Compton, pretty much everywhere, it just shocks you. You said there was a lot of love for Trump in the room, that's obviously people definitely there to donate. Is that of the anti-Biden feeling or is it to the pro-Trump feeling? How would you define it?

SACKS: We had a lot of people in that room who had never donated to Republicans before or to Trump, they were new donors or they have always been Democrat donors and yet they came out. And I think I entreat that to the fact that Trump is making inroads into Silicon Valley and that also Biden is really alienating people.