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Ozempic and Wegovy weight loss drugs are injectable LIZARD VENOM PEPTIDES...

•, by: Mike Adams

According to a Newsweek poll published in May, 2024, there are now 15.5 million Americans who have used or are using Ozempic, Wegovy or Saxenda, all of which are injectable "weight loss medications" that actually consists of synthesized peptides originally patterned from the venom of the Gila Monster reptile. See, "We wouldn't have Ozempic without Gila monsters — their hunger-regulating venom inspired weight-loss drugs" from which states:

Gila monsters' venom has a compound in it that can regulate hunger. It's similar to a hormone people produce in our intestines — but the lizard version is longer-acting. The find led to the development of a new class of obesity and diabetes drugs, including Ozempic.

These drugs achieve their weight loss results by paralyzing the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is the longest and single most important nerve in the human body, originating in the brain and attaching to many major organs in the body to coordinate organ stimuli for proper organ function such as digestion, circulation, respiration, cognitive function and more. The reason these reptile venom drugs make people lose weight is because they interfere with hunger signals which are communicated from the brain to the digestive system, including the stomach.

Unfortunately, as we are about to find out, these venom peptides, when repeatedly taken over a long duration, can also cause extreme, permanent damage to the vagus nerve, impacting the normal function of all the major organ systems in the body. The resulting symptoms almost perfectly resemble the systemic damage caused by venomous snake bites.