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This $8 Wound Dressing Is a Must-Have for Your Prepper Medical Kit

•, by Daisy Luther

I recently found that a wound dressing I had absently popped into my medical kit is so well worth the eight bucks that I've put it on my Subscribe-and-Save to stock up on it.

What is this magical product I'm raving about? It's Silvex wound gel. I've been using it post-surgery on a gory-looking incision and the results have been so good that my doctor wanted to know what I'd been applying.

What is Silvex wound dressing?
It's a wound dressing hydrogel that contains no alcohol and no peroxide. The active ingredient is a silver solution. In fact, there's not a long list of ingredients:

24 PPM Proprietary Silver Solution (purified water, nano-silver at .01 micron), TEA, Carbomer

According to the package:

Non-toxic and safe for everyone in the family. Over the years, silver ions were isolated using electrodes, direct current, and water. These silver solutions are very effective but unstable and require high PPM (parts per million) and aggregate (bind) in the body. Not anymore; the revolutionary Nano Technology is wrapped in water molecules enabling fast and efficient transport through the body. It disrupts cell replication, and independent studies have shown it to be more powerful than other forms of silver products.