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Donald Trump raises his fist and salutes raucous UFC 302 crowd as they chant 'f*** Joe Biden


Donald Trump lapped up attention from a raucous UFC crowd in New Jersey on Saturday night, raising his fist as they chanted 'f*** Joe Biden'.

The former President made his first public appearance since being convicted on 34 counts of falsifying business records on Thursday, and he received a standing ovation from 17,000 fans at the Prudential Center in Newark.

New footage has now emerged of the moment Trump raises a fist and salutes the fans, after they started a loud chant of 'f*** Joe Biden' while he sat ringside.

In the next row, New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers - previously touted as a potential vice-president of Trump's rival RFK Jr. - appears to lower his cap and cover his face.

The awkward moment occurred just minutes after Rodgers appeared to ignore Trump as he made his way to his seat in New Jersey. 

Chants of 'USA, USA!' broke out, after Trump followed the entrance of fighter Sean Strickland.

'He is getting a standing ovation from the assembled masses,' one of the fight's TV commentators said. 

Trump also used the occasion to launch his official TikTok account. At the beginning of his debut TikTok, Trump stands next to UFC CEO Dana White.

'The president is now on TikTok,' White says with a smile. 'It's my honor,' Trump says.  

The rest of the TikTok is a mashup of Trump shaking hands and taking selfies with different fans at the UFC fight.

At the end of the video, Trump leans close to the camera and asks: 'That was a good walk on, right?'