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US enjoys dazzling Northern Lights show stretching from Maine to Alabama after 'extreme' ...


Millions of Americans have enjoyed a rare Northern Lights show caused by a geomagnetic storm that could interfere with power lines and communications. 

From Maine to Alabama and far into the United States' wild west, excited spectators gazed up at the night sky on Friday and watched the aurora's striking display of vivid colors. 

On X, formerly known as Twitter, people shared pictures they had taken of the celestial phenomenon, and #aurora is currently trending.

Auroras are created when energy and particles from the sun temporarily interrupt Earth's magnetosphere, creating a geomagnetic storm.

Some solar particles travel along our planet's magnetic field lines into the upper atmosphere, activating nitrogen and oxygen molecules and beaming photons of light in different colors.

According to the NOAA, the optimal places from which to watch the aurora are in the far northern latitudes, including Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, and Northern Canada. 

Because of the strength of this particular geomagnetic storm, the aurora was visible in places as far-flung as New Zealand, where people were witnessing the 'southern lights.'

Across America, people looked up in amazement at the aurora, which is being caused by the strongest solar storm in 21 years.