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The "Soft Landing" Lie: A Global Economic Slowdown Is Already Underway

• - Brandon Smith

By Brandon Smith

If people have learned anything from the past few years of Ivy League elites and TV talking heads feeding them economic predictions, I hope they finally understand that the "experts" are usually wrong and that alternative analysts have a far better track record. Whenever establishment economists make a a call the opposite generally turns out to be true.

By extension, alternative economic predictions are usually well ahead of the curve – What we talk about might be labeled "doom mongering" or "conspiracy theory" today. In three years or less it will be treated as common knowledge and the mainstream "experts" will claim that they "saw it coming all along" while taking credit for financial calls they never made.

This has been a long running pattern and it's something those of us in the alternative media have come to expect.

For my part, I warned for years about the threat of the impending stagflationary crisis which ultimately struck hard in the "post-pandemic" US. The establishment gatekeepers denied such a thing was possible. When it happened, they claimed it was "transitory." Now, they argue that a soft landing is imminent and there's nothing to fear from trillions in helicopter money being pumped into the system. They claim nothing of significance will change.