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Huge shake up to NFL schedule could see the Super Bowl move to Presidents' Day weekend...


Fans may soon lose the worry of skipping work after the Super Bowl as NFL commissioner Roger Goodell floated the idea of moving the season finale to Presidents Day Weekend.

The move comes as Goodell looks to re-structure the league's timetable. While most regular season games will remain, Goodell hopes to add another by eliminating the preseason.

On an appearance on the Pat McAfee Show, the commissioner opened up on his ideas.

'I think we're good at 17 [games] now,' Goodell said. 'But, listen, we're looking at how we continue. I'm not a fan of the preseason. The reality is, I'd rather replace a preseason game with a regular-season game any day. That's just picking quality.'

'If we get to 18 and 2, that's not an unreasonable thing,' he added. 'The other thing it does, (Super Bowl Sunday) ends on up Presidents' Day weekend, which is a three-day weekend, which makes it Sunday night and then you have Monday off.'