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Lara Logan Provides Comprehensive Baltimore Update: Experts in Behavioral Analytics...

•, By Jim Hoft

In the aftermath of the catastrophic collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge early Tuesday morning, questions are being raised about the nature of the incident.

The bridge, a crucial artery for the Baltimore Beltway I-695, saw a section plummet into the Patapsco River after a cargo ship collided with one of its support columns.

Seasoned investigative journalist Lara Logan, in a statement on Tuesday, alleged that the incident was not an accident but rather a "strategic attack." This claim gained further attention as she joined Steve Bannon on The War Room to discuss the implications of the bridge collapse.

"You say there may be something. Here's the other thing that's concerning me. Why do they run to the mic? You had McCabe on this morning at sunrise on CNN saying, 'It's not terrorism. It's not terrorism. It's not… It might not be terrorism. But why do you come to the mic Right away, we need facts, we need empirical evidence, we need an investigation. What is your investigation telling you?" Bannon asked.

Lara Logan responded with her own pressing question, "Why are you coming to the mic telling the country that it's not terrorism when your own intelligence agencies are telling you it is?"

She continued to explain that her sources, a mix of active duty and retired personnel from various agencies, believe the bridge collapse was a cyber attack targeting a major supply chain corridor.

By Thursday, Logan provided an update, referencing analyses from experts in various fields including behavioral analytics, counter-terrorism, and national security. These specialists offered a two-pronged theory on the bridge collapse.