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Biden Uses State of the Union to Threaten Civil War

•, by Daniel Greenfield

Joseph Robinette Biden began his final State of the Union address by invoking FDR. But while Biden has nearly as much trouble getting around as FDR, he didn't lead a nation out of a depression, but into one, and he didn't win a war, he did however lose several.

Including a personal war with his diction and his teleprompter at the State of the Union.

Biden's addresses have gotten longer as he has had less to say. Last year's State of the Union was the 8th longest on record and this year's clocks in behind Obama's 2010 rant. The only reason it wasn't even longer is that Biden rushed to get through it, mumbling and slurring words, rattling off threats and insults at a speed that made them all but impossible to understand.

Usually presidents use the podium to make promises and take credit for past accomplishments, but there's not much of that here and so Biden began his speech name-dropping presidents who people liked better than him (a long list) and threatening and berating Republicans.

A few breaths after implicitly comparing himself to FDR during WWII, Biden then compared himself to Lincoln during the Civil War ("not since President Lincoln and the Civil War have freedom and democracy been under assault here at home as they are today") and then President Reagan before launching an attack on President Trump.

The State of the Union isn't a place to attack opposing candidates. Bush didn't take potshots at Kerry in his State of the Union speech and even Obama didn't mention Romney in his.

And yet Biden attacked Trump a few minutes into his. And then did it again. And again.

But this was not a State of the Union address, it was a fascistic campaign rally of the kind that he had been giving for years, most disturbingly while flanked by Marines at Independence Hall before the 2022 midterms, declaring war on Trump, Republicans and all political opponents.