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Universal Studios set to drop key Disney-owned theme park property

•, by Daniel Kline

It's a confusing relationship where Universal's theme parks in Florida have the rights to a number of Marvel characters including Spider-man and the X-Men. That deal, which grants right in perpetuity to those very popular characters, was made before Disney bought Marvel.

That has created a very odd situation where Disney World cannot use some of Marvel's most-popular characters, but it retains rights to properties that Universal Studios Florida has not used. That's why the Mouse House was able to add a Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster to Epcot, but it can't bring a Spider-man ride to its Florida theme parks.

Marvel is not the only Disney property licensed by Comcast's (CMCSA) - Get Free Report Universal Studios. The two companies also have a long-standing deal for where Universal licenses "The Simpsons" from Disney for use in both its Florida and California theme parks.

That deal, which predates Disney buying 20th Century Fox's television assets expires in 2028, according to multiple media reports. There are signs, however, that Universal Studios may not wait that long to move on from the beloved sitcom family.

Universal Studios may drop 'The Simpsons' 

There have been signs over the past few years that Universal Studios intends to drop "The Simpsons" before 2028. Comcast has not commented on its plans to do that, but the main ride in the land, at least the Florida version, has not been updated or repaired.

Some of the screens at the Universal Studios Florida version of "The Simpsons Ride" could use a refresh. Theme Park Tourist, shared some key signs that Universal may be preparing to move on from the long-running sitcom family.