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RV Fire Safety Tips & Life-Saving Info

•, By Mike Wendland

One of the biggest fears many RVers have is fire, and for good reason — each year, RV fires cause deaths, injuries, and millions of dollars in damages to RVs just as fires happen in our homes and businesses.

10 RV Fire Safety Tips

We compiled the top RV fire safety tips and added resources to help make your RV safe!

Remember to take fire safety precautions before hitting the road and during your camping trip!

Tip #1: Memorize Campground Name & Campsite Number

One of the essential RV fire safety tips is to memorize the name of the campground you are staying in and your campsite number. In case of an emergency, this information will help emergency responders locate you quickly.

This is a valuable safety tip for all emergency situations. To take it one step further, we recommend keeping the following information on your RV's fridge for every place you stay:

Call 911 (If you have small children)

Campground Name

Campsite Number

Camp Office Phone Number

Directions to the Nearest Hospital

Directions to Nearest Pet Hospital

Your Health Insurance Information

Keeping this information on hand can save precious minutes in the case of an emergency. This reusable checklist magnet with a fridge marker holder makes it easy.

Tip #2: Check Your RV Propane System Annually

Propane is an excellent source of energy for RV appliances, but it can also be dangerous if not handled properly. It is crucial to check your RV propane system annually, ideally by a professional. 

A leaking propane tank can cause a fire or even an explosion. We recommend reading 7 RV Propane Safety Tips to Prevent an EXPLOSION.