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This is Why A War Between The United States And China Is Inevitable

• The Economic Collapse Blog - Michale Snyder

One of the biggest bombshells of the entire year just dropped, but now it has almost entirely disappeared from the news cycle.  NBC News is reporting that during their recent summit meeting in San Francisco, Chinese President Xi Jinping told Joe Biden to his face that a decision has been made to "reunify Taiwan with China" one way or the other.  Normally the Chinese keep their cards very close to the vest, and so this was a very unusual move.  My guess is that the Chinese wanted to see how Biden would respond to such a direct statement.  Xi Jinping expressed his desire to take over Taiwan peacefully if possible, but we all know that isn't going to happen.  So war is coming, and the only thing that needs to be decided now is the timing

Chinese President Xi Jinping bluntly told President Joe Biden during their recent summit in San Francisco that Beijing will reunify Taiwan with mainland China but that the timing has not yet been decided, according to three current and former U.S. officials.

Xi told Biden in a group meeting attended by a dozen American and Chinese officials that China's preference is to take Taiwan peacefully, not by force, the officials said.

The Chinese leader also referenced public predictions by U.S. military leaders who say that Xi plans to take Taiwan in 2025 or 2027, telling Biden that they were wrong because he has not set a time frame, according to the two current and one former official briefed on the meeting.