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Oregon School Declares Core Skills No Longer Necessary Because Minorities Aren't Testing Well

•, by Steve Watson

Yes, really.

The Daily Mail reports that the State Board of Education there voted to suspend the need to prove standards in core skills for FIVE years because 'equity', or something.

The standards were put on hold during the pandemic, but no simply will not be brought back until 2027 as they have been deemed 'harmful' to students of color, students with disabilities and those learning English as a second language, the report notes.

Board members claims that state-mandated standardized tests will still be administered to most high school students in the State, but will not be employed to determine whether a student has the skills necessary to graduate.

"The only thing we are suspending is the inappropriate use of how those assessments were being used," state board member Vicky López Sánchez, a dean at Portland Community College, declared during a meeting, part of which is highlighted in the video below.

Another Board Chair, Martinez Zapata described opposition to the move as a "campaign of misinformation" and "artistic quality mental acrobatics," further claiming that the arguments against doing away with standards are rooted in "myopic analysis and bigotry," as well as "racial superiority."

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Schooling for children always was the job of the parents. Parents see to the needs of their kids in loads of ways. If parents don't want smarter children, they will let government teach the kids. But if parents want smarter children, they will make sure the kids get proper training, even if they have to teach them, themselves. The results will show up in later lives of the children, and will affect the old-age lives of the parents, since their children will be the leaders when they are old. Go, parents, go, while you have time!