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NWO C40 Cities To Enslave America – Exclusive Report!

• by Bowne Report

For those who have been indoctrinated in the climate change hoax, there are many reasons why you are just dead wrong. And even worse, you are being led to slaughter by a eugenics cult that has infiltrated our federal, state, and local governments.

So it is ultra important that we refuse to stop digging into the ruins and future of Lahaina, Maui. Because it is the bellwether for the rest of the United States.

But first a warning from the pre-notice C40 Leadership group to the media that met on September 25th in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Note: Misleading social media posts have been circulating falsely asserting that the Hawaii Digital Government Summit, which is held in Honolulu each year, is aimed at transforming Maui into the first smart island. These claims are incorrect and do not align with the summit's annual focus. So what is the C40 City Group and why would they distance themselves from these claims?

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