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Tesla Megapack Catches Fire In Australia, Continues To Burn Under Supervision

• by Iulian Dnistran

A Tesla Megapack battery caught fire at one of Australia's biggest clean energy storage facilities yesterday, with residents reporting loud bangs, multicolored flames, and a smell of burning plastic, according to local news.

The Queensland site, which is owned and operated by renewable energy and storage developer Genex Power, features 40 Tesla Megapack 2.0 units, and one of those units – nicknamed "Big Bessie" – caught fire at about 7:45 PM local time, according to The Guardian, prompting authorities to warn nearby residents to stay indoors to avoid hazardous fumes.

The fire has been contained but the storage battery is being allowed to burn out under the supervision of firefighters, with efforts already underway to determine the cause of the incident, the operator said in a statement, adding that no one was at the site when the fire was first reported to the authorities.