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Engineers' New Cement "could turn new buildings into giant batteries" and -

• by B.N. Frank

Decades of research have already determined that exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) – including 5G and wireless radiation – is biologically and environmentally harmful.  In fact, 2 years ago, a federal court ruled in favor of petitioners who sued the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) for not updating wireless radiation guidelines since 1996.  Although petitioners and other Americans continue demanding that the FCC address this (see 123), the agency seems hell-bent on not doing so.  In the meantime, the agency, American lawmakers, and other wireless proponents are also determined to saturate the U.S. as well as space with more 5G and wireless.  MIT engineers have also created something that may sound fantastic to those who aren't aware of any of the above.


MIT engineers have created a "supercapacitor" made of ancient, abundant materials, that can store large amounts of energy. Made of just cement, water, and carbon black (which resembles powdered charcoal), the device could form the basis for inexpensive systems that store intermittently renewable energy, such as solar or wind energy. (credit: MIT)