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Enmebaragesi, the Semi-Mythical King of Kish

• arclein

Sumer is regarded by many scholars as the cradle of human civilization. Its history - although veiled in enigma - is so intriguing and offers a wealth of new discoveries. From the first writing system, to complex technologies, all the way to first cities and powerful rulers. Enmebaragesi is one such ruler, one of the earliest recorded in Sumer history. He was the King of Kish, a powerful city-state of the time, and is recorded in several inscriptions. However, it is unclear whether he was a real monarch - or a legendary figure. Here's what we know. Enmebaragesi, the Priest Who Permeates the Throne Enmebaragesi, also known as En-me-barage-si or En-me-bara-gisi, was an ancient Sumerian king who ruled the city-state of Kish. He is considered one of the earliest known rulers in recorded history. Kish was an important city in ancient Mesopotamia, located in what is now modern-day Iraq. It was one of the most significant and influential city-states in the early history of Sumer, and