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World's oldest human footprints discovered in South Africa

• arclein

Now, an international team of scientists has identified the oldest known set of fossil footprints from a member of our species. The team calculated the dates of seven "ichnosites" (locations containing ancient human traces) along South Africa's Cape south coast, and found that they ranged between 71,000 and 153,000 years old. The latter site comfortably claims the title for world's oldest known Homo sapiens footprints ?" although there are of course older examples known from other related species. This shows that the Cape south coast was a comfortable enough place for humans to thrive for tens of thousands of years, even while their neighbors to the north had started migrating out into other regions. Other footprint evidence shows that modern humans had reached the Arabian peninsula by about 120,000 years ago, and North America around 22,000 years ago.

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