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One Well-Coordinated Attack Would Unleash Madness Unlike Anything We've Ever Seen...

•, By Stefan Stanford

- Globalists Setting Up Next False Flag As Most Of America Slumbers

According to this March 2nd of 2023 story over at the Institute for Energy Research story titled "Brace Yourself for Coming Electricity Shortages," anyone who still thinks the U.S. electric grid is immune to blackouts has another thing coming, with their story warning the PJM interconnection just reported insufficient supply of new renewable technology to meet demand as the region which consists of 13 eastern states and the District of Columbia expects to retire 21 percent of its existing generating capacity through 2030

Meaning that the fossil-fuel power plants that have dominated America's energy production infrastructure for decades are 'being retired' at a much quicker pace than 'renewable energy sources' are being developed, that story warned such "imbalances" are a guarantee of future shortages and blackouts, with two of the main problems hampering 'renewable energy sector' being that solar power is dependent upon the sun shining, and wind power is dependent upon the wind blowing, something humans have little control over, despite being able to 'manufacture' rain and create severe weather events.

And while warnings have gone out about a coming, catastrophic 'grid down event' for many years now, this new warning takes on added importance with the mainstream media and Department of Homeland Security now heavily pushing a 'narrative,' claiming that 'right wing extremists' or 'Russia' might attack the power grid, via physical violence, an EMP or even cyber attacks, hinting the globalists themselves are the ones prepping a false flag 'grid down event' that would be an immediate game-changer all across the country. From this May 30th Infowars story.:

Several recent mainstream media reports reveal potential predictive programming being used to get the public ready for alleged right-wing or Russian attacks on the power grid. 

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