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The ESG Empire Strikes Back Following Bud Light Boycott

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As most people already know, the world's most popular light lager has seen a collapse in sales following a boycott prompted by a March Madness ad campaign featuring transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney. The Journal's chart depicting the fall in Bud Light sales speaks for itself, and the company's delayed and tepid response to the uproar only seemed to make matters worse.

This isn't Anheuser-Busch's first foray into controversial social issues.

The Journal's Jennifer Maloney points out that the company has been engaging in social equity-themed advertising for years, including a 2021 Michelob Ultra ad featuring transgender track star Cecé Telfer and a 2022 Bud Light Canada campaign for Pride Month displaying various pronouns .

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While promoting social programs may be the superficial goal, there could be a more sinister objective. The Fed is running a Ponzi scheme. Every fiat dollar is created as the principle of a debt object. The promise it to repay the principle PLUS interest. The interest does not exist. Only new principle, used to pay the interest due, procrastinates the inevietable collapse. A coup, with Rothschilds running the nation [as in Greece] will be the sought goal. That the fraud used to achieve bankruptcy be probably be overlooked.

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