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Final COVID Scorecard Released

• by Tom Woods

These are the CDC's own numbers, I repeat, so you and I can't be accused of using obscure sources, or whatever other excuse the crazies normally use.

The results: completely random. If you can see a pattern here between lockdown stringency and health results, please show it to me, because I sure don't see it (if the chart is too small to read, click on it and a larger version, or at least one you can maximize, will appear):New Mexico is the fourth highest. You may not remember, because you're not the fanatic I am, but the media once trumpeted New Mexico as a success story. It was one of their drearily predictable "Here's how [insert name of state] beat the coronavirus" stories. And of course it was the usual thing: they followed the useless "public health" protocols, etc.

And yet there it is at number four.