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Why I'm Not a Libertarian Reformer

• Jacob Hornberger - FFF

The libertarian reform camp aims at improving the welfare-warfare state system under which we live. Libertarian reform plans include such things as immigration reform, Social Security "privatization," health-savings accounts, welfare reform, school vouchers, income-tax reform, legalization of only marijuana, reining in the CIA, the FBI, and the NSA, reducing the military budget, reducing "big" government, selective foreign interventionism, regulatory reform, tariff reform, sanctions reform, trade reform, Federal Reserve reform, and much more. The operative word in all this, of course, is "reform."

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The liberty camp aims at dismantling or repealing the welfare-state, warfare-state apparatus, leaving in its place a limited-government republic and a free-market economic system, one in which people are free to enter into mutually beneficial trades with anyone in the world, travel wherever they want, accumulate unlimited amounts of wealth, and decide for themselves what to do with their own money. The liberty camp would dismantle, not reform, all of welfare-warfare state programs listed above.

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