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Ghost Jobs: An Economic Illusion That Harms the Unemployed

• by Daisy Luther

This would make one think that there are job openings all over the place.  Have you been diligently looking through online job postings and filling out applications, only to hear nothing?  You might be chasing after ghost jobs.

"Ghost job" refers to online job postings that are seemingly never filled.  

Why on earth would companies do this?  Why let people chase jobs that don't exist?

A closer look at ghost jobs

Let's look at why so many ghost jobs are out there, why mainstream media is reporting on the economy in the way it is, and what steps individual job-seekers can take.

Clarify Capital conducted a survey of 1045 managers involved in hiring between August 31 and September 1, 2022.  They asked managers why they left job postings online even though they were not actively trying to fill those positions.  The answers?

50% reported that the company is always open to new people.

43% wanted to keep employees motivated

43% to give the impression that company is growing

39% the job was filled

37% to keep an active pool of active applicants in case of turnover

35% in case an irresistible candidate applies

34% to placate overworked employees

27% forgot to delete the job

33% no reason in particular