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The Shady History of the Con-stitution


Executive Summary

It is frankly absurd on its face that any written document or political ritual like voting can grant one group of men the ability to rule and control another group of men, delegate rights they don't have personally to a "government," or that succeeding generations can be bound by a contract that none of them or even their forbears signed.

For those who remain religiously attached to the "holy document" of the Constitution or believe themselves bound by an oath they were tricked (fraudulent inducement), forced, or paid to take, then here are some facts that support our thesis that organized crime interests have been using "Government" and control of the media to rob and control the population since the very creation of the Constitution.

The creation and ratification of the Constitution are not what most government school children have been led to believe. It wasn't designed to protect life, liberty, and property and limit government as claimed, and its failure in those aspects or even its inability to ensure the most basic of freedoms specified in the Bill of Rights is evidence of its failure as protection from tyranny and its success as a means of enslaving, controlling and robbing the population.

The real story of the Constitution is a "Wall Street (of the time)" conspiracy, and that is the exact term that many of their contemporaries used to describe what had occurred to create a system that would allow moneyed interests represented by political puppets to tax everyone on the continent for their benefit and control commerce and the currency which they started doing immediately after ratification. The conspirators were led by slave-owning Freemasons James Madison and John Jay and suspected Freemason and slave owner Alexander Hamilton.