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Video shows Bud Light parent firm vowing to purge WHITE MALE employees


By Ramon Tomey

The video from November 2022 showed various employees of the Belgium-based beer company pledging to become "more diverse and inclusive." According to the clip, eschewing White, male employees gives way for staff members who "better represent" the woke ideology.

"We're still 40 percent women and 60 percent men, still predominantly White," said senior graphic designer Kara-Jessica Mallett. "There's still work to be done."

Mallett, a Black woman, also said in the video: "I feel like I finally found my voice as a Black woman, and I'm not prepared to lose it."

Lara Laila Garber, AB InBev's European manager for diversity and inclusion, explained the Belgian company's "Cheers to Diversity and Inclusion" campaign in the said video. She said: "At AB InBev, what we wanted to do is ensure that diversity and inclusion is fully integrated in our business strategy."

Ironically, the video also featured two White male employees – the same demographic AB InBev wants to kick out.

Diversity video comes months before the disastrous Mulvaney campaign

The news of the video followed the company's plummeting sales, the consequence of a conservative boycott of its brand Bud Light. AB InBev's decision to partner with a transgender influencer had widespread repercussions, with former customers spearheading a boycott of the brand.

Back in March of this year, Dylan Mulvaney partnered with the beer brand in time for the March Madness football season. Bud Light continued the campaign by releasing a special can with the transgender's face on it, in celebration of Mulvaney's "365 Days of Girlhood."

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