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Dr. Judy Mikovits: Depopulation (Stew Peters Video 15:39) (views: 125)CrystalRiver -- Friday, 26-May-2023 08:37:11Lionel: "#RonDeSaster Recalibrates While Trump Is Ready to Pounce" [1:11:55 video (cc)] (views: 157)hobie -- Friday, 26-May-2023 06:28:031963 - BOBBY VINTON, "BLUE ON BLUE" (views: 77)hobie -- Friday, 26-May-2023 06:09:321963 - ROY ORBISON, "BLUE BAYOU" (views: 70)hobie -- Friday, 26-May-2023 06:10:591955 - The PLATTERS, "ONLY YOU (AND YOU ALONE)" (views: 52)hobie -- Friday, 26-May-2023 06:12:352012 - 16-yr old ARTHUR JUSSEN, Brahms' "INTERMEZZO Opus 118 No. 2" (6+ mins) (views: 37)hobie -- Friday, 26-May-2023 06:14:10Beck: "THIS is how Ron DeSantis plans to DISMANTLE the Deep State" [15:06 video (cc)] (views: 330)hobie -- Friday, 26-May-2023 06:07:20Wed., Ann Albers: "No fancy email tonight because I'm busy, but I had to share. Many of you know Tina Turner passed today. Like so many, I loved her music but also ..." (views: 640)hobie -- Friday, 26-May-2023 05:51:53Anna Von Reitz: "The Great Pipeline and Land Grab Frauds" (views: 278)hobie -- Friday, 26-May-2023 05:09:17

PUTIN SPEAKS (7:21) (views: 883)
The_Fox -- Friday, 26-May-2023 03:46:54