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Microsoft Adds Mandatory System-Wide Artificial Intelligence Engine "Windows Copilot" -


On Tuesday, May 23rd, 2023, Microsoft announced it is adding strong built-in artificial intelligence or AI integration throughout its Windows 11 operating system. Microsoft says AI will make Windows 11 easier and faster to use. But some experts worry that AI in Windows 11 could invade people's privacy. It is unclear to what extent "Windows Copilot" will be woven to in all aspects of Windows 11.

At first glance, it appears Microsoft's new built-in AI will have access to analyze everything on your computer with its artificial intelligence engine, whether you like it or not.

Microsoft announced that a new feature called Windows Copilot will be built into Windows 11. Windows Copilot uses AI to communicate with Microsoft's cloud computers. Microsoft says Windows Copilot will help Windows 11 users get more done and make it easier for programmers to build Windows apps.