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Withdrawing Your Own Cash? NatWest Bank Wants To Know Why... And See Proof

• by Mark Jeftovic

Whenever I see an unattributed image like this going around I want to verify it, lest it be photoshopped, a deep-fake or some derivation of  "urban legend".

Sure enough, if you go to NatWest bank's website, right here – you see this cash withdrawal policy spelled out for all to see:

This isn't actually new

Here in Canada, for at least a few years – predating COVID, the big four banks have been routinely asking you why you are taking cash out whenever you withdraw anything over a couple thousand dollars. However, you can tell them pretty well anything ("because I want it",  "none of your business"  or even "to blow it all on booze and hookers", will all work).  I haven't heard of a case where a withdrawal has been denied based on the reason supplied, yet.