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The Limits of Media Corruption

•, By Ron Unz

Aside from the evidence of our own senses, almost everything we know about the past or the news of today comes from bits of ink on paper or colored pixels on a screen, and fortunately over the last decade or two the growth of the Internet has vastly widened the range of information available to us in that latter category. Even if the overwhelming majority of the unorthodox claims provided by such non-traditional web-based sources is incorrect, at least there now exists the possibility of extracting vital nuggets of truth from vast mountains of falsehood. Certainly the events of the past dozen years have forced me to completely recalibrate my own reality-detection apparatus.

Our American Pravda
Ron Unz • The American Conservative • April 29, 2013 • 4,500 Words
Then five years ago this month I launched that series in earnest, eventually producing many dozens of articles that have totaled a half million words.

Although I've tried to be extremely careful in all this historical and media analysis, the surprising conclusions I've reached on so many past events have sometimes raised doubts in the back of my mind. Even if the evidence seems compelling and the sources quite credible, I wonder if it might really be possible for such explosive facts to be completely ignored by nearly all our media outlets. Surely the prospects of professional prizes would have tempted at least a few respectable journalists or academics into jumping on those same clues, setting off a cascade of their colleagues and resulting in a flood of media coverage. It seems almost inconceivable that nearly everyone could be ignoring such important matters.

But every now and then another example appears that confirms the reality of such seemingly implausible media silence.