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Trump To Pick RFK As VP?


Is a Trump/Kennedy ticket the only solution to voter fraud?
Roger Stone is back to talk about the intriguing possibility of a President Donald Trump and Robert Kennedy Jr. team up.
Both President Trump and Roberty Kennedy Jr. are critical of neocon foreign policy.
While we have been bombing third world countries, China has been building roads, bridges, tunnels, and hospitals.
A National bipartisan unity ticket could have mass appeal.
That is not to say that there would not be both legal and political obstacles to this idea.
The DNC will likely cheat and keep RFK Jr. from getting the nomination.
This will anger average democrat voters who might be intrigued by the idea of an anti-establishment ticket.
Even if Donald Trump runs a brilliant campaign it still might not be enough to overcome blatant election fraud.
A Trump/Kennedy ticket would turbo charge the electorate.
Could Trump get a Republican convention to nominate a registered Democrat as the Vice President?
Will States allow a candidate to be on the ballot who is not a registered member of the appropriate party?
John McCain once considered asking Democrat Joe Lieberman to run as his Vice President.
Now that the FBI has been caught implementing a coup against America there must be criminal accountability.
It is time for Kevin McCarthy to radical steps or resign and step aside.
It is time to impeach Joe Biden and members of his cabinet.