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CEO of company funded by OpenAI says AI robots are already working as security guards...

•, by: Ethan Huff

Artificial intelligence (AI) is moving from the cloud and computer screen into life-like humanoid robots that are now being deployed to work human jobs as security guards, bartenders, and eventually nurses.

Bernt Bornich, CEO and founder of 1X, an AI company funded by OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT, told the media that his company's humanoid "EVE" robot has been working as a security guard at two industrial sites since April of this year.

According to Bornich, the humanoid EVE project is going "better than we thought." The design includes a head, a face, two arms, and can move about autonomously much like an actual human robot does.

The project is going so well that as many as 10 new EVE robots are being produced by 1X every single month. The goal is to implant these humanoid devices into all sorts of industries in order to replace human workers.

Thanks to a $23.5 million investment from OpenAI, humanoid EVE robots are already patrolling sites both in Norway and in Dallas. If anything goes wrong, human 1X workers can "step into" the android's body through virtual reality and make it do something else on command.

"You're there in a second as if you were there," Bornich bragged about the technology. "We have this grand vision: we want to solve the problem of the labor shortage. We have visibility on how to solve it, but we need a lot of data."

Five years from now, AI robots will fill the labor shortage gap

In the next five years, Bornich envisions "a completely different society" where there is no more labor shortage because millions of human jobs will soon be replaced with humanoid EVE robots doing the jobs instead.