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PRESSTITUTES: Eleven Biden Scandals The Media Refuses To Talk About

• by Wes Walker

The fish-slap Ted Cruz gave to a sock-puppet pretending to be a journalist in his Presser on the Border just hours before the end of Title 42 has just whet our appetite for some more of the same.

As it happened, the good folks of NewsBusters put together a handy-dandy list of how the media have been mandacious — quietly shielding No-Malarky Joe from even the slimmest ray of sanitizing daylight. With an emphasis on 'quietly'.

Selective reporting that magnifies negative red stories and positive blue stories sure looks an awful lot like the way Time Magazine says various groups cooperated to 'fortify' (Trump prefers the word 'rig') that election in 2020, doesn't it?

Let's take a look a what the news outlets have been doing with the various scandals swirling around Biden's head, shall we?