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With China Already Owning The 'Biden Crime Family' And Huge Chunks Of America...

•, By Raymond Mhor

What would happen if things went south with China? 

Can it happen? Most likely yes.

In fact, Dan Crenshaw, US Congressman from Texas came out and said that an "when things escalate with China, which is seemingly inevitable at this point." You can watch his comments here on Instagram talking about TicTok, which is a red Chinse-controlled app. 

This really got me thinking about what will the US do if they can no longer get their cheap Chinese stuff from Walmart, Dollar Tree, and the like?

Recently I spoke at The Mountain Readiness Expo in North Carolina, and I posed this same question to folks in my class and those who came to visit my table. 

Interestingly enough they acknowledged the situation, but no one had an answer. 

I mean here are a number of preppers at this event and they did not have a solution. 

Here is the deal, whenever I ask a question like this, I try to have an answer. 

See, this is something that my wife and I have already been working on implementing in our lives and in our home. 

What can we do to lessen our dependency on Walmart and the other big box stores? 

Some folks said that they would just buy American brands, but here is an interesting fact. 

The consumer goods market is a 600-billion-dollar market nationwide. 

Do you know that when you really delve deep into these companies where we get most of our toothpaste, cleaning goods, and body goods are controlled by just 11 massively big companies?