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Primary water: And why we are never running out of water

• arclein

Primary Water (PW) is Earth-generated water. When conditions are right oxygen combines with hydrogen to make new water. This water is being pushed up under great pressure from deep within the Earth. It finds its way towards the surface of the Earth where there are fissures or faults. Depending on the geology, PW can be close to the surface, or even flow out as a spring. PW is new water that has never been a part of the hydrologic cycle until it finally arrives at the surface. How can we access primary water if it is so deep? The origins of PW are deep, but because it is under great pressure it moves upwards where possible. If PW confronts a blocking geologic structure it will remain deep. If PW moves up into weak areas of the Earth's crust, it continues moving upward until it is blocked or finds its way to the surface. These weaker areas are often associated with mountain ranges where faults are common.