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Ukrainian banker offers cash for drone terror in Russia

•, Alexander Rubinstein

Ukraine-based operators deployed the 37 LB arsenal in a failed bid to assassinate Russian President Vladimir Putin, who was scheduled to visit Rudnevo that day. 

The drone ultimately failed to hit its target, crashing roughly 12 miles from its intended destination. Russian media reported authorities discovered three similar unmanned aircrafts in the surrounding area. By the time the Canadian-manufactured bombs arrived in Moscow, the government in Ottawa had provided Kiev with nearly 6 billion dollars worth of aid to support Ukraine's fight against Russia's military.

The Ukrainian UJ-22 drone's flight originated in the country's Kharkov region. Yuriy Romanenko, co-founder of a think tank with close ties to Kiev's intelligence services, credited Ukraine's Secret Service (SBU) with orchestrating the assassination attempt. Romanenko wrote on Twitter: "Last week, our intelligence officers received information about Putin's trip to the industrial park in Rudnevo…