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Tom Renz | Can Trump Win Without Getting Right on the Vaccines?

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#Trump can't win unless he gets right on the vaccine and quickly. A recent study shows that 25% of American's haven't recieved a single dose of the #COVID #vaccine, that number I would argue is closer to 40%. These unvaccinated voters are crucial in this election, and what issue do you think is more important to them than the vaccine? #TheTomRenzShow #Truth #mRNA #DeathJab #DiedSuddenly #Trump2024 @EricTrump @RealDonaldTrump @ClayClark @GenFlynn @TheClayClark

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Comment by PureTrust
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Certainly Biden has been supporting the covid vaxxes. But Trump initiated the whole thing with 'Operation Warp Speed'. With that initiation, Trump was the cause of the massive deaths and massive crippling effects of the whole world, possibly to the tune of several billion worldwide. Peruse to see that it isn't only the face value of the deaths and cripplings that VAERS reports that is the right statistics. Rather, it's the fact that VAERS shows only less than 1% of the true statistics. Why is Trump responsible for the whole world? Because leaders of many nations followed his lead in accepting the covid vaxxes, which killed and maimed multitudes around the world. --- While Trump was an extremely good 'fair weather' leader, he was a terrible 'foul weather' and exemplary leader. If he was a REAL leader, Biden wouldn't have won the presidency. However, who is better than Trump???