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RV Fire Safety Tips & Life-Saving Info

•, Mike Wendland

One of the biggest fears many RVers have is fire, and for good reason — each year, RV fires cause deaths, injuries, and millions of dollars in damages to RVs. Just as fires happen in our homes and businesses.

The point is: it happens, and you need to take steps to make sure you aren't among those stats I just cited.

That's why we talked with our friend and RV expert, Mark Polk. We have compiled his advice into this article with a list of RV fire safety tips everyone should practice.

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Meet Mark, The Expert

Mark, of, is a true expert on all aspects of RVs and RV safety and has critical and very practical advice about keeping our RVs safe from fire.

Among his top tips, make sure your fire safety devices are as ready to travel as you are. Here is more of our discussion, followed by a compilation of his tips down below.

"A really good habit to get into is, prior to every trip you take in your RV, you test the device," Polk said, referring to devices like smoke and propane leak detectors.

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