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Crypto's KILLER Use Case? Report You Have To SEE!!

•, By Guy

Hey Guys,

You might have seen a few recent headlines about a report by Citi Bank which said that crypto's 'killer use case' could drive trillions of dollars of value. The killer use case in question is tokenisation, but it turns out that the report wasn't all that pro crypto.

Believe it or not, but the folks at Citi Bank seem to believe that most assets will be tokenised on blockchains controlled by governments, and that most people will voluntarily adopt CBDCs. These predictions couldn't be further from the present truth.

For what it's worth, Citi Bank does have a few things to say about actual crypto stuff like decentralised social media, NFTs, and decentralised digital identity. The thing is that they don't talk much about these, and at the end of the video I explain why that might be.


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