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'Panic of 2023': James Corbett Explains How Bank Crisis Could Lead to CBDC 'Nightmare...

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Investigative journalist James Corbett has recently referred to the ongoing global banking crisis involving SVB, Signature Bank, Credit Suisse and others as the "Panic of 2023," drawing comparisons to what he views as historical precedents, and pointing ahead to an inevitable and bleak, technocratic surveillance future leveraging central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) should nothing be done to stop it. The answer to the CBDC "total nightmare of monetary control," as Corbett puts it, is cash, creativity, and to "choose to inform ourselves about agorism and the countereconomy."

James Corbett on Crisis, CBDCs, Cash, and the Countereconomy

Investigative journalist and freedom activist James Corbett of The Corbett Report, a popular alternative news source based on the "principle of open-source intelligence," has weighed in recently on the current global banking debacle and its echoes across recent history. Further, he has been cautioning his followers for years about the dangers of giving up their financial freedom, and uncritically accepting burgeoning state-created financial technologies such as central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).