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Is Elon Musk's Growing Global Influence A Dilemma For The White House?

•, by Tom Ozimek

Musk has made it his mission to cure what he calls the "woke mind virus."

To some, his purchase of Twitter several months ago was just what the doctor ordered.

"$44 Billion was not the cost of Twitter. It was the cost of restoring 'Free Speech,'" the Twitter account DogeDesigner posted last week.

"Some things are priceless," Musk tweeted.

Not long after Musk took over, he reinstated several banned accounts—including former President Donald Trump—and unlocked a trove of internal Twitter communications known as the Twitter Files, which shed light on the depth of the company's censorship and bias against conservative voices.

But while many on the right side of the political spectrum have praised Musk's moves since taking over Twitter, others have expressed reservations.

President Joe Biden reacted with concern to news of Musk's purchase of Twitter and subsequent moves to slash jobs, which slimmed the company's content moderation team.

"What are we all worried about? Elon Musk goes out and buys an outfit that sends and spews lies all across the world," Biden said at a Democratic fundraiser in Illinois several days after the Twitter buyout deal came to fruition.

"There's no editors anymore in America," he added. "How do we expect kids to be able to understand what is at stake?"