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•, By Dave Hodges

Russian physiologist, Ivan Pavlov, at the turn of the 20th century, conducted a set of experiments which became known as "Pavlov's Dog". In the experiment, Pavlov would repeatedly ring a bell when he presented food to a dog and the dog would salivate to the food only. Eventually, the dog associated the hearing of the bell with the food and Pavlov discovered that the dog was subsequently trained to salivate to merely the sound of the bell. This principle became known as Classical Conditioning. Classical conditioning techniques, present in the corporate controlled media, can condition most members of the public to denigrate anything sounding like a "conspiracy theory". For example, anyone who suggests that anyone in government would ever engage in a conspiracy is quickly marginalized. Try explaining the concept of fractional reserve banking and how the Federal Reserve banks can take in one dollar and then turn around and create, out of thin air, 10 more dollars to loan out. Or, explain the simple forensics of the JFK assassination which proves that Lee Harvey Oswald did not fire a shot, and what happens? You are quickly marginalized by those around who say something like, "I did not know you were one of these conspiracy theorists".  Therefore, the mere use of the term "conspiracy theorist" becomes a programmed, automatically conditioned trigger to reject any notion of a verifiable conspiracy theory.   There is a second set of principles that is being used by the mainstream media to reinforce the "fallacy" of any conspiracy theory and this is called Behavior modification it is a set of therapies / techniques and it is based on operant conditioning  which was first brought to light by B.F. Skinner. The main principle comprises changing environmental events that are related to a person's behavior and beliefs. The best example of these techniques at work would be the old Nazi notion that if you tell a big enough lie, often enough, the people will begin to accept the lie as truth. Subsequently, these two techniques are used in conjunction to create a false paradigm to the American people.

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Surprisingly great article. Adam Curtis's seminary documentary series "The Century of the Self" is the detailed information source for the points touched upon in the article. It should be noted that the instance in whcih the general public have not, historically, behaved as mindless zombies, are relatively far and few between, and they usually occur in the early, non-degenerate stages of new empires and new systems. For instance, early Rome was bad-arse, middle and late Rome was sort of like the US is now. Early Greece was awesome, later they destroyed themselves via civil and internecine war. Same for basically any empire. Let's hope that the US can somehow change course and come together against this zombie outcome. Maybe the Republicans can stop stupidly blaming everything on excessive woke-ness and the Dems can stamp out excessive woke-ness, and we can all realize that woke-ness has nothing to do with anything real or important.