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Divide and conquer: Gen. Michael Flynn warns China is dividing the US -

• by Kevin Hughes

China is causing division between the United States and its allies in order to push Chinese global domination.

"Part of the 100-year war for the Chinese is to divide those who are allied with the United States of America. Divide those alliances and then build trust with the other side. So, divide us from some partners that we had. And then they become their new partner," retired U.S. Army Lieutenant General Michael "Mike" Flynn told host Alex Jones during the March 11 episode of "The Alex Jones Show" on the InfoWars network.

"So how do they do that? They do that very, very shrewdly. They do that over time. And they have done that economically," added Flynn, citing China's huge economic plan called the Belt and Road Initiative.

According to Jones, the Ukraine War energizes the Belt and Road Initiative. He asked the former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) about his view on the matter.