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Does Putin Want Nuclear War?

• by Paul Craig Rob

American politicians are inciting an "apocalyptic conflict," Russia's envoy has warned 

What is the point of these endless Russian complaints?  Will the Kremlin ever understand that it is the Kremlin's failure to use sufficient force to terminate a conflict whose ever-widening character threatens to end in nuclear war?  Why does the Kremlin refuse to understand an obvious situation?  Where is the Russian Army? 

How many times have senior Russian officials noted incidents that "confirm US involvement in the Ukraine conflict"?  Why does the Kremlin embarrass itself by pointing out incidents that it does nothing about?  The drone was obviously a provocation.  Washington's intention was to produce a Russian response to a drone headed into Russian territory.  Will the drone incident be the excuse for sending F-16s to Ukraine? 

The Kremlin is again sitting on its butt, as it did for 8 years from 2014 until 2022, while the West restores and upgrades Ukraine's military capability.