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The Dominoes Are Starting To Fall Very Rapidly Now - Could These Banks Be Next?

• by Michael Snyd

Sadly, that prediction turned out to be completely accurate.  Within the last week, we have witnessed the second and third largest bank collapses in the entire history of our country.  But Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank are not unique cases.  The Federal Reserve created a 620 billion dollar blackhole in our banking system by aggressively raising interest rates, and our quadrillion dollar derivatives pyramid scheme is starting to tremble violently.  The Federal Reserve is desperately trying to fix things by recklessly spraying money around, but the truth is that Fed officials are ultimately going to need a much bigger hose.

The speed at which financial institutions can collapse in a digital economy is absolutely breathtaking.  It is being reported that 42 billion dollars was withdrawn from Silicon Valley Bank in one day alone…