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Vatican Vaccination Coin: Judas is now Minting his own 30 Pieces of Silver

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The Vatican has just released a commemorative coin on the importance of promoting the Covid-19 vaccination. A new 20-euro silver coin depicts a doctor and a nurse administering the Covid vaccine to a young person. On the other side is the Vatican City State, with Pope Francis' coat of arms representing his two keys, civil and religious power.

According to the Vatican, Pope Francis' call for immunizations is a "moral obligation." The new Vatican vaccination coin represents this. The Pope has used his position of power to convince both the church and the state to support the globalist campaign for universal vaccinations. Church and state are collaborating to force the individual's conscience on vaccines. The Pope has truly established himself as the highest authority on political and spiritual matters, as evidenced by his new Vatican coins, which are just a continuation of his vaccine indoctrination.