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The Tyrannical Percent Wants To Ban Chainsaws, Lawnmowers...

•, By D Parker

Why aren't the fascist far-left leaving the country they loathe? 

People usually don't try to transform and then destroy that which they love, so why aren't they just leaving? 

These days, the Babylon Bee has the range, and it's putting its rhetorical rounds right on target. Now it's just firing for effect, from a story about a man catching up on the latest news by reading two-year-old posts on a conspiracy blog to a satirical report from a few years ago about a group of leftists heading for the Socialist Paradise of Venezuela

It brings up a point you might have been asking yourself for quite some time: why aren't they leaving? Why haven't the authoritarians of the fascist far left packed their bags and set off for greener collectivist fields, leaving the rest of us alone? 

Why are the tyrannical ten percent sticking around when it's nothing like their authoritarian floor model, the big shiny communist nation of China, with its "socialism with Chinese characteristics" that they love?

How can they stomach dealing with a nation where people are just allowed to say or write whatever they want and defend themselves with — dare we say it — guns? How do they live in a nation where people are just allowed to have gas stoves, lawnmowers, and chainsaws? Where the government in its infinite wisdom cannot penalize the people for wrongthink? Where all of that liberty-induced stress puts a strain on their already fragile psyches? 

Why are they still here when they could move to perfect examples of the Utopia (that means "no place") that they want to impose on us that already exist around the world? They pine for the "worker's paradise" perfection that was national socialist Germany, the USSR, Cuba, Venezuela, and communist China, yet they are still here, complaining that we're not properly suffering as they are in those nations.