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Tucker Carlson: This is the largest bank failure since 2008

•, Fox News

Fox News host Tucker Carlson breaks down the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and explains the larger ramifications for the U.S. on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.'


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You can tell already where their money is invested in. Whoever opposes people that dislike a.i. have a nascar jacket of technology lobbyists or still asleep in this news media dream. People think humans are so advanced but we're just playing with our technological toys and not solving real issues but playing in a circus the media stages for us. How does a country function when a foreigner owns land and a home in a country with people that never owned a home for generations of their family line. Don't all families matter. Politics are about corporations and not the people. This is blatantly in front of us. We're fools. America is a bunch of fools. We need to wake up. Stop playing their cat and mouse game. We all eat ramen noodles. Nobody is different. We just need to step outside and talk to each other every once in a while. This is Team America, Team YOUR STATE, why are we so reliant on imports from other side of the world when we have other countries in need below us